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Create unlimited disposable email addresses, phone numbers, and credit cards. Easier. Safer. More private.

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“In an era where big businesses and shadowy spy agencies are tracking your every movement online, can you really afford to share your true identity with strangers?”

- Ed Bott, ZDNET Review

When Websites Lose Your Data, You’re the One Who Pays

Disguise Email

Keep your email address private

Your email address is like your social security number of the Internet. It connects all of your online activity together, often to create a stunningly detailed profile about you. Now when websites ask for it, use a Masked Email instead.

Masked Emails forward to your inbox so you receive all the communication you want, but also gives you the power to block senders from your inbox in one click. Learn More

"There are so many websites that require your email address just to get basic info, and then overload you with emails you don't want. This extension is like a loophole for that. Pretty sweet."

- User Review

Keep your phone number private

Once a telemarketer gets your phone number, they just don't quit calling you. The only trick is to make sure they never get your number in the first place.

With MaskMe, you get a second phone number that forwards calls and texts to your real phone. Get the calls you want, and block annoying callers from ever reaching you again. Learn More

Disguise Phone

"I really don't like giving out my phone number to most sites and this is a great workaround. This is the fastest way to register for new sites without giving out your info."

- User Review
Disguise Credit Cards

Protect your credit card number

A stolen credit card number means financial loss, but also the major headache of having to reset all your online accounts. With MaskMe, you checkout as usual but create disposable, masked cards on the spot, keeping your actual credit card safe from untrustworthy merchants and hackers. Plus, MaskMe autofills the card info for you, saving you precious time. Learn More

"A great way to make unique credit cards shopping at various websites, which is a huge way to protect yourself in case hackers get your info from the website database."

- User Review

Password generator

Using the same password everywhere isn't safe, but who can remember dozens of different ones? MaskMe will generate super secure passwords for you, plus it will remember and autofill them in whenever you return to a site.

Disguise Passwords
Manage Account

Account storage

As you create masked accounts, MaskMe will securely store them locally on your machine. You can also choose to store non masked accounts, making logging in to all websites faster and easier.

*Your information is stored on your own computer, unless you chose to use Sync.

Sync across devices

Whether at work, at home, or on the go, MaskMe sync ensures you can always access your data. Simply sync and log into masked accounts across browsers, computers, and mobile devices.

With MaskMe’s Sync feature, you can securely store your account info in the cloud and get to it in your browser, on your mobile device, or online at Learn More

MaskMe Sync

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