Even Better Things to Come!

Abine has always brought you privacy tools and products that lead the market. Blur will be operating under a new name, IronVest. You can expect the same privacy features you have come to love, but this change means great things including significant investment in developing new ways to protect your digital identity and execute transactions securely in the digital world.

The IronVest security and privacy wallet will provide the most secure infrastructure available, designed to protect individuals’ privacy and personally identifiable information (PII) in every single transaction. Learn more.

1 What does this mean for you as a Blur customer?

Your Blur account will continue to function in all the ways that you currently expect it to. Blur is going to be called IronVest going forward. IronVest will continue to have all the features you have used with Blur and will launch new products in the future to protect your digital identity.

The IronVest team will support your day-to-day account from this point forward. You can contact them at support@ironvest.com.

To log into your account you can now at https://ironvest.com/app/blur-sign-up to see the new look.

2 How will this change impact me?

This change will not create any disruption to your services. You will still log onto your account at https://dnt.abine.com or https://ironvest.com/app/blur-sign-up (for the new look) and if you have any questions you can reach us at support@ironvest.com.

As we continue to make improvements to the IronVest line of products and services, you will benefit from these additional features. We will keep you updated on new and enhanced features.

3 Are there new features?

Our goal is to give you the privacy tools you’re looking for to protect yourself and regain your privacy. This includes adding more features to make sure we’re keeping up to date with new technology issues that might arise, while making sure that the experience is as seamless and easy as possible for all of our users. This can include changes to the website, apps and features that have been long overdue and have been requested by our users for a long time.

4 What happens to my data?

As you already know as Blur user, your data resides under your control - with no one having access to your Master Password - ever. This will not change. More security features will be rolled out in the future and you will always be in control of your data - not Abine and not IronVest… YOU.

You can read our new TOS and Privacy Policy here.

5 Will this change affect my DeleteMe subscription?

No, Blur and DeleteMe have always been two different products and the changes in Blur will not impact your DeleteMe subscription or data.

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