MaskMe Is Your Online Privacy Advocate

MaskMe was created by an all-star team of security and privacy experts to put you in control of your data online. Now browse and shop online without having to give out your real email address, phone number, or credit card number.

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Why Should You Trust MaskMe?

AES-256 Encryption Protects Your Data

AES-256 is the leading global standard in data encryption. MaskMe adds row-level salts for extra sensitive data. That means when you provide personal information like your email and phone number, it appears as something like {2cb-005-83cdk} and {80s-d8si-3jsld}.

AES - 256 Encryption
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Not Even Abine Can Access Your Data

AES-256 encryption means that not even the people who created and support MaskMe can see your data. What is the benefit of not letting MaskMe or other third parties see your real personal info? No one can sell or lose your information if they don’t have it. It’s that simple.

Created by Security Industry Experts

The executive team that created MaskMe has 40 years of combined experience leading consumer protection and security companies. They understand better than anyone that there is literally no value in giving away your personal information.

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Premium Upgrade

Privacy-Friendly Business Model

Abine makes money if you choose to upgrade from the free version of MaskMe to the paid version for $5 per month, which includes Masked Phones, Masked Credit Cards, and the mobile app for iPhone or Android. Most web-based businesses make money from selling your personal information. We have a straightforward privacy policy and will never, ever share or sell your data.

Trusted by Millions of Users Worldwide

Abine’s first product, DoNotTrackMe, blocks advertising networks from following you around online and using your personal data to make money. It has been installed by over 5,000,000 people worldwide.

The Bottom Line: Real People Passionate About Privacy

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